What majors dont require college algebra?

What Majors Don’t Require College Algebra?

What Majors Don’t Require College Algebra?

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College algebra can be a challenging subject for many students, and not all majors require it as a prerequisite. If you’re looking for majors that don’t require college algebra, you’re in luck. Here are some options to consider.


What majors don’t require college algebra?

There are several majors that don’t require college algebra as a prerequisite. Some of the popular options include:

Major Description
Anthropology Anthropology is the study of human societies, cultures, and behavior. It involves a wide range of subjects such as archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology. Students in anthropology typically take courses in cultural anthropology, ethnography, and archaeology.
Communications Communications is a broad field that involves the study of how people interact and communicate with each other. Courses in communications can include public speaking, writing, journalism, and media studies.
Criminal Justice Criminal justice involves the study of law enforcement, court systems, and corrections. Students in criminal justice typically take courses in criminal law, criminology, and corrections.
Culinary Arts Culinary arts is the study of food preparation, cooking, and hospitality. Courses in culinary arts can include food safety, nutrition, and menu planning.
Education Education involves the study of teaching and learning. Students in education typically take courses in educational psychology, curriculum development, and classroom management.
English English is the study of language and literature. Courses in English can include writing, literary theory, and linguistics.
Foreign Language Foreign language involves the study of languages other than one’s own. Courses in foreign language can include grammar, vocabulary, and cultural studies.
Graphic Design Graphic design involves the creation of visual content using computer software. Students in graphic design typically take courses in digital media, typography, and design principles.
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What other majors might not require college algebra?

While the majors listed above are the most common options that don’t require college algebra, there may be other majors that also fit this criteria. It’s important to research the requirements for each major you’re interested in to determine if college algebra is needed.

Can I still take college algebra if it’s not required for my major?

Yes, you can still choose to take college algebra even if it’s not required for your major. It can be a useful skill to have in many fields and can also help prepare you for other math courses you may need to take.

What if I struggle with math in general?

If you struggle with math in general, it’s important to speak with an academic advisor to discuss your options. They may be able to recommend courses or resources to help you improve your math skills or suggest majors that don’t require as much math.


Choosing a major that doesn’t require college algebra can be a great option for students who struggle with math or who simply want to avoid taking the course. With options such as anthropology, communications, and culinary arts, there are many majors to choose from that offer a variety of career opportunities. Remember to research each major thoroughly to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

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