What can you double major with biology?

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What Can You Double Major with Biology?


Biology is a popular major for students who want to pursue careers in various fields such as healthcare, research, and education. It offers a wide range of concentrations and specializations that enable students to explore different disciplines within the biological sciences. But what can you double major with biology? In this article, we will look at some of the most popular options for double majoring with biology.

Comparing Majors

Major Description Career Opportunities
Animal Ecology Focuses on studying ecological relationships between animals and their environment. Ecologist, Wildlife Biologist, Ecotourism Specialist
Animal Science Focuses on animal biology, physiology, and nutrition. Veterinarian, Animal Nutritionist, Research Scientist
Environmental Science Focuses on natural resource management and conservation. Environmental Consultant, Natural Resource Manager, Sustainability Manager
Environmental Studies Focuses on understanding human interactions with the environment. Environmental Educator, Environmental Policy Analyst, Sustainability Coordinator
Psychology Focuses on studying human behavior and mental processes. Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Social Worker

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you double major in biology and animal ecology?

Yes, you can double major in biology and animal ecology. Animal ecology focuses on the study of interactions between animals and their environment, which overlaps with biology’s emphasis on the natural sciences. This combination will prepare you for careers in ecological research or conservation.

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Animal Ecology

2. What career opportunities are available for someone with a double major in biology and animal science?

With a double major in biology and animal science, you can become a veterinarian, animal nutritionist, or research scientist. This combination will prepare you for careers in animal biology, physiology, and nutrition, as well as other related fields.

Animal Science

3. What is the difference between environmental science and environmental studies?

Environmental science is a more science-intensive major that focuses on natural resource management and conservation. Environmental studies, on the other hand, is a social science-focused major that examines the relationship between humans and the environment. Both majors can prepare you for careers in sustainability, environmental policy, and education.

Environmental Studies

Combining Biology with Psychology

Aside from the majors listed above, another popular combination with biology is psychology. Biology and psychology may seem like an unlikely pair, but they complement each other well. Psychology focuses on the study of human behavior and mental processes, and biology provides a foundation in neuroscience and physiology.

With a double major in biology and psychology, you can pursue careers in healthcare, research, and education. For example, you can become a clinical psychologist who specializes in neurobiology or a research scientist who studies the relationship between biology and behavior.


Biology is a versatile major that can be combined with a range of other fields. Animal ecology, animal science, environmental science, environmental studies, and psychology are just a few of the popular options for double-majoring with biology. Each combination offers unique career opportunities that can prepare you for a fulfilling career in various industries. When deciding on a double major, it is essential to consider your interests, career goals, and strengths.

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