What are the most failed classes in college?

The Most Failed Classes in College – Tips and Tricks

The Most Failed Classes in College – Tips and Tricks


College is a time of intense academic rigor, and many students struggle with the workload and expectations that come with higher education. While there are a variety of subjects and classes that can be challenging, some classes are notoriously difficult and result in high rates of failure. In this article, we’ll explore the most failed classes in college and offer tips and tricks to help you succeed in these challenging courses.

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What are the most failed classes in college?

There are several classes that are commonly cited as the most failed in college, including:

Class Percentage of Students Failing
College Algebra 50%
Introductory Biology 40%
General Chemistry 38%
Calculus I 35%

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Why do so many students struggle with college algebra?

College algebra is the most failed course with about half of all students not getting credit for the course with a grade of a D, F, incomplete, or withdrawing. The challenges of learning algebra aren’t unique to college. Many students find the abstract nature of algebra difficult to grasp, as well as the complex equations and formulas involved. Additionally, some students simply haven’t had enough preparation in math prior to college, making algebra even more challenging.

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What can students do to succeed in these challenging courses?

There are several strategies that can help students succeed in these difficult college courses:

  • Attend all classes and take detailed notes.
  • Participate in study groups or tutoring sessions.
  • Read the textbook outside of class and complete all homework assignments.
  • Meet with professors or TAs during office hours for extra help.
  • Practice regularly and work on problem sets or study guides.

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What resources are available on campus to help students succeed?

Most colleges and universities offer a variety of resources to help students succeed in difficult courses, including:

  • Tutoring services
  • Academic advising
  • Study groups or peer mentoring programs
  • Writing centers
  • Office hours with professors or TAs

Students should take advantage of these resources to get the extra help they need to succeed in challenging courses.


While college can be a challenging and stressful time, there are resources available to help students succeed. By utilizing study groups, tutoring services, and other resources, students can overcome the challenges of difficult college courses and achieve their academic goals.

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