Should I go into tech or finance?

Should I go into tech or <a href="">finance</a>?

Should I go into tech or finance?

Comparing the two industries to help you make an informed decision

People working in a tech office

Comparison Table

Tech Industry Finance Industry
Work Culture Better Not as good
Job Mobility Higher Lower
Hours Better Longer
Perks Better Not as good
Job Satisfaction Higher Lower
Employee Happiness Higher Lower


What is the work culture like in the tech industry?

The work culture in the tech industry is often described as innovative, flexible and collaborative. Tech companies have been known to offer relaxed dress codes, ping pong tables, and free snacks and drinks in the office. The emphasis is placed on creativity and individualism which creates a culture of trust and excitement. The work culture encourages employees to experiment with new ideas and technologies, leading to new products that change the world. Thus, Tech leaves its counterpart in the dust when it comes to work culture.

Tech office with employees playing games

What is job mobility like in the tech industry?

Job mobility in the tech industry is very high. With a shortage of tech talents, companies are always looking for skilled employees. This means that if you are talented and committed, you could end up being promoted several times in a short period of time. Most tech companies also offer employees opportunities to explore new roles within the company, so you can continually grow and expand your skillset. Finance companies, on the other hand, have a more structured hierarchy, leading to fewer opportunities for job mobility. Therefore, tech industry is better when it comes to job mobility.

Finance building

How do tech and finance compare in terms of hours worked?

Tech employees generally work better hours. With flexible working schedules, remote and part-time work options, the industry values productivity over arbitrary working hours. Finance, on the other hand, is known for its long working hours often 12 or more hours a day. Tech companies are more likely to value work-life balance, and to allow employees to manage their own workloads to suit their lifestyle. Therefore, tech industry wins in terms of hours worked.

Tech employee enjoying perks

Which industry offers the better perks?

Tech companies offer better perks compared to Finance. Tech firms have been known to offer employees an array of options including on-site volleyball courts, weekly massages, unlimited vacation time, flexible work hours, free transportation, and even on-site dentist appointments. Finance companies tend to offer fewer perks, instead focusing more on bonuses, health care benefits, and paid holidays. Therefore, tech industry offers better perks.

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If you are trying to decide between a career in tech or finance, it’s important to consider the comparison points mentioned in the article. Indeed, Tech leaves its counterpart in the dust when it comes to work culture, job mobility, better hours, and better perks. People in general feel this. Evaluating each industry’s work culture and perks, willingness to encourage innovation and personal growth, and opportunities for promotion and career advancement takes time, but it is important to do it well.

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