Is applied mathematics easy or not?

Is Applied Mathematics Easy or Not?

Is Applied Mathematics Easy or Not?


Applied Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that is focused on using mathematical models and techniques to solve practical problems in various fields. Many people perceive applied mathematics as highly technical and difficult, maybe due to inadequate foundational teaching of Math in schools. However, it is important to note that applied mathematics is not inherently difficult. It is just like any other mathematical course that requires students to be analytical and practice problem-solving skills. In this article, we will look at the ease of studying applied mathematics and why students should not be intimidated by it.

Why is Applied Mathematics Perceived as Difficult?

As mentioned earlier, the reasons for applied mathematics’ perceived difficulty are mostly due to inadequate preparation of mathematics foundation in schools. Students are often exposed to Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus in high school, but their understanding of these topics is not thorough enough to fully appreciate the concepts of applied math. Applied mathematics also introduces new areas that high school students might not be familiar with, such as differential equations, partial differential equations, and optimization. Therefore, when students go to college or universities, they may find applied mathematics to be challenging to understand.

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“The difficulty of studying applied mathematics often depends on the student’s interest and the method of instruction used by the lecturer. If the student is interested in the subject and the teacher is good at explaining the concepts, applied mathematics may not be as difficult.”

Is Applied Mathematics Easy?

It is hard to determine whether applied mathematics is easy or not because of individual experiences and opinions. However, generally speaking, applied mathematics is not impossible to learn; it is just that some topics may be challenging for some students.

Most of the topics covered in applied mathematics courses are fundamental mathematical concepts that students already know. The difference is that applied mathematics uses these concepts to solve real-world problems. For instance, students may learn about optimization or linear programming, which involves finding the highest or lowest value of a certain function, given some constraints.

Another reason applied mathematics might be perceived as difficult is that students may lack the motivation to learn the subject. Applied mathematics requires students to think logically, and it may not be as interesting as other courses that seem more practical and exciting. Nevertheless, students can find ways to make the subject more engaging and appreciate its applications in the real world.


FAQs About Applied Mathematics

1. What are the applications of applied mathematics?

Applied Mathematics has various applications in many fields, including engineering, medical sciences, social sciences, and finance. For example, in Engineering, applied mathematics is used in the design of aircraft, buildings, and vehicles. In medicine, it is vital in developing diagnostic technologies.

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2. What are the benefits of studying applied mathematics?

Studying applied mathematics has numerous benefits for students. It enhances a student’s analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills, which are essential in various disciplines. Additionally, it provides students with a diverse range of career opportunities, including finance, engineering, and data analysis, among others.

3. How can I excel in applied mathematics?

To excel in applied mathematics, students need to master fundamental mathematical concepts and keep practicing. They can also look for ways to make the subject more engaging, such as working on real-world problems and using software to visualize complex concepts. Additionally, students can seek help from teachers or tutors when they encounter difficulties with the subject.


If you are considering applied mathematics, you should not be intimidated by its perceived difficulty. Like any other subject, it requires effort and dedication to excel, but it is not impossible to learn. Applied mathematics provides students with a significant opportunity to solve real-world problems and enhance their analytical reasoning skills. Therefore, students should view applied mathematics as a way of representing systems through models for further analysis and appreciate its applications in various fields.

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